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October 13, 2011
By BVBArmy GOLD, Elizabethtown, Illinois
BVBArmy GOLD, Elizabethtown, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
People can only hurt you if you let them.-My teacher had wrote that on one of my essays (:

Howlers are red a Patronus has blue
This is my way to say I love you
I love you more than the Weasleys love jokes
But I seem to be under the Invisibility cloak
Me without you is like Quidditch without the snitch
Can't you see i'm a simple witch
I want you more than Voldemort wants power
Even in your darkest hour
Your smile is oh so bright
A Deluminator couldn't take it's light
But with your eyes of blue i'm under a spell
This is probably something you can't tell
I would choose you over the Deathly Hallows
Because for you I wouldn't be that shallow
I love you more than Snape loved Lily
I know this sounds kind of silly
But all in all this is real
My heart is something I let you steal

The author's comments:
I wrote this for the guy I REALLY like(:

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