How i know i love you

October 6, 2011
By ashley ivey BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
ashley ivey BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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When every moment spent with you feels everlasting
Or whenever you come around my heart skips a beat and I still get that nervous feeling,
As if seeing you for the first time
And as soon as you leave I count every minute that passes ‘til I see you again
Every morning I awake wishing you were there with me
And every day without you feels like my last
When any bad thought, feeling, or emotion flows through my mind
It’s you I want there to comfort me
Or whenever I have a bad day,
It only takes one word from you to get me smiling again
Whenever I’m mad or upset for whatever the reason
Even if you’re not to blame you always manage to make things better
When hearing your voice brightens my day
Or feeling your touch sets me on edge
Wrapped in your arms is always the best place for me to be
When every time I think of my love for you it brings me to tears
And every thought of not having you makes my heart drop
When dreams of permanently becoming yours seem to become my destiny
Or when thinking of you actually becoming mine,
Seems too good to be true…
These feelings, these emotions and many more
This is how I know I love you.

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