Look up

October 6, 2011
I admit without shame that what you are looking for does exist
You keep looking around trying to find what is already in your face
Which causes shame and sadness
But I don’t even what you to explain right now just listen
I am going to tell you what is on my mind
I keep hearing from all of you all the same things
That you want someone can be protective yet gentle, Strong but yet still sympathetic
That all guys are the same and that they play all the same games

Well I’m insulted

Now in fact most of us do play that game and are just plain disrespectful
But might I say that we are not all that way
Some of us do at least try
I am always astonished you say what you want but if you just look up you will see what you need
The one you can call Late at night
The one you can tell anything to
The only one that really respects you
The one that is right across from you
The one you know will be there to help you
The one you know will always be true
Just Look Up

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