Two Sides

October 6, 2011
By Darionte Wright BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
Darionte Wright BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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My ears ache with the loud screaming,
The Floors shake the heavy footsteps.
The rocking of my bed,
The Screaming in my head.

My eyes Bleed with the horrendous sight,
The Large black shadows.
So animated, so frightening,
A reprieve so flitting.

My body goes numb unable to stand this scene,
The Darkness enclosing.
Upon me stopping my Heart,
There comes a time when I fall apart.

My nose twitches with the fouls scent,
the Anger and resentment in the air.
Making my head Ache,
I reach the point I begin to break.

So powerful the Madness.

So powerful the Emotions.

So powerful the Feelings.

So powerful so who would think that,
The two sides of one person could be so……..

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