when i was three

October 6, 2011
By Anonymous

When I was three there was no more moving family to family
No more seeing children being abuse
No more not knowing what to do
There was times when I cried and times when I had to lie

When I was three I didn’t know who to believe
Foster parents told me I was queen bee
My life was about to be totally different
My adopted parents would always listen

When I was three I always wanted to know my real parents
But my mom told me they weren’t the realist
I was about to face a whole new world
I was also my mommy’s little girl

When I was three I found a place in my heart
That I knew from that moment on
That I would never be torn apart

When I was three it was all about happiness
Children playing with others
Me never forgetting I loved my mother

When I was three I reminisced about the bad times
Even about the good
Saying I would never treat my kids like my mother would

When I was three my momma told me
That life was all about mistakes
So everything you do you gotta have faith

When I was three I learned so much that it was
A point I could never be touched
Once my momma told me
That always be blessed and not to be stressed

When I was three I loved my family
They lifted me up when was down
They lifted me up from off the ground

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