October 6, 2011
Your my chosen drug to use
Your the drug that has me up at night
That has me get up
Even after falling over and over again
That has me getting up every morning
The drug that has me in pain
Your the drug I have chosen
You help me though the hard times
You help me prevail
You help me through relationships
Through Deaths and losses
Through school
You are the one thing I can count on to stay the same
You never change unless I want you to
Your always there no matter what
You can never leave me
You can never be taken away
You will always be my drug of chose
How can people not turn to you?
Are they crazy?
Do they think you won't work?
Please help them under stand that you are good
For you are my chosen drug
The drug that helps me though it all
My chosen drug is
Working out
Always there no matter what
Never going to be able to be taken away from me

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