October 13, 2011
By Mrs.PurpleRain SILVER, Akron Ohio, Ohio
Mrs.PurpleRain SILVER, Akron Ohio, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
i dont know what the future holds but i know who holds the future ~Martin Luther King
If your a bird im a bird~ Nicholas Sparks

People look but never see
they hear but never listen
they speak from a mouth that only
spits blood.Theyre words try to stab me...but im bullet proof.
Ive suffered more than i should, but you'll never notice from the picture that ive painted for you. I dont have it all together like i make it seem. Isnt that called self esteam? I have my scars to proove to you but will i show them? The posion your forced to take because people think your this demon as a young misunderstood child stop ....silence...people are listening to you ....hearing and agreeing. Tonight i'll sleep well knowing i'll be okay because i'll stop and listen to this soundfull silence.

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