Just Kidding

October 13, 2011
By magmccarth BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
magmccarth BRONZE, Chester, Connecticut
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Just kidding
Once I went to Africa, but it was really hot there
Just kidding I’ve never been to Africa,
I dreamed I went to Africa
Just kidding I went to Africa but I didn’t like it,
Just kidding I did
Just kidding it was my cousin,
He’s African, just kidding he’s Swedish
Just kidding he eats Swedish fish,
Just kidding he eats real fish, just kidding.
He’s allergic to fish, just kidding he isn’t
Just kidding he’s dead,
Just kidding I don’t have a cousin
Well I do, but we’re not very close
Just kidding we are, we spent last summer together
Just kidding I really don’t have a cousin
Well I do, but he’s a hermit and he lives in a cave
Just kidding, he lives under a rock
I live there too
Just kidding

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