Forlorn Princess

October 13, 2011
By SpottedStar BRONZE, Hilton, New York
SpottedStar BRONZE, Hilton, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"The past is but a pebble in my shoe."--Edgar Allen Poe

Princess, oh where do you hide
Fairest in the land and on earth
I need you here by my side
So we can live life for what it's worth

Oh Prince, why don't you come
Locked away in this covert tower
All night and day, our song I hum
Fighting away my darkest hour

Your heart will sing to me
Leading me to your haven
Where I will climb the highest tree
And overcome the ravens

What sights surround this plagued place
Sickness with it's fouled breath
Turning even the noblest into a disgrace
And leaving behind a path for Death

What a wicked witch took you away
Upon your horse that faithful night
She hoped our love would stray
But I promised I would not be contrite

Oh what sorrows do infect my mind
Life slips from my fingers
Within these walls I will be confined
As long as Death still lingers

What barren land in which you reside
Why would you be sent to this vile shore
If you are here then quickly I must ride
For your destruction I deeply abhor

How Death's embrace is so violent
Killing my spirit and body too
I fear that soon both will be silenced
Forbidding my Prince his final adieu

Princess, oh please cling to Life's string
I can now see you inside your tomb
If you go I will follow under Death's wing
And in darkness I will be your groom

My Prince, oh how Death manifests
His presence I can no longer mourn
So for you I will finally rest
For you I die forlorn

The author's comments:
I've always been a fan of Poe and the way his poetry conveys such powerful messages through his dark imagery. This was one of my first attempts at creating my own Poe type image as a poet.

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