Goodbye Sky So Blue

October 13, 2011
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The Glass through the window breaking all over her...not me,
People standing all over staring as far as i can see,
The hood of her car smashed the tears in her eyes,
I run over as my memory starts to come back, and i realize my lies,
why did i have to drink and drive,
her breathing quickens, i know she is alive,
My friends warned me saying " you've had to much to drink!"
but i didn't care...i didn't think,
She's bleeding she's gasping her eyes begin to close,
blood pours from her head, from her chest from her nose,
sirens ring around me people on the phone,
But i can hear nothing but the girls quiet mone,
I kneel by her, while she's still in the driver's seat,
She seems like she's crashing i try to feel her heart beat,
i rest my hand on her neck waiting to feel the familiar pound,
my palms become sweaty and tears dribble down my cheek... as i hear a sound,
"Don't leave me...i'm scared"...the girl struggles to say"
But soon the doctors come and i am pushed out of the way,
" She's crashing!" i hear one of them yell as they lift her out,
My tears become pools, i begin pacing all about,
They lift her into the ambluence...but before they drive away,
i yell " wait! She asked me to stay!"
I jump into the back and sit down next to her,
" will she be okay.." i ask, but they respond..." we don't know for sure..."
Before i know it they are shoving paddles to her chest, and someone yells clear,
i look out the window and the hospital is near,
we pull into the parking lot her mother rushes up to her,
CLEAR, someone yells again, as everything becomes a blur,
the girls eyes stay closed the monitor stays flat...,
Call it...someone quietly says, and she's gone just like that.

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