The Race

October 13, 2011
By H0LLY SILVER, Sturgis, Kentucky
H0LLY SILVER, Sturgis, Kentucky
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"Ask in faith, never doubting" -James 1:6

In the hot summer sun,
I run, gasping for air,
Feeling the burn of lactic acid in my legs,
Thirsting for water,
But pushing myself to keep up my pace,
The breeze blows every so often,
bringing relief to my tired body,
as I continue running

The humidity is increasing
As I continue running down this grassy path,
The sweat drips down my face
And my heart is racing
As I turn the corner in the cornfield
To be faced with just a few more feet left to run

Each step I run I am getting closer and closer
To the end of the race,
The harder I run, the faster I get there
The seconds tick by,
And it’s like everything is in slow motion
As I cross the finish line

I take a sip of ice water,
And feel it slide down my throat,
Bringing a sense of new life to my aching body,
The race is done,
and now I can rest, with pure satisfaction

The author's comments:
I'm a runner, and when I run a race I always feel the things described in this poem. It's not just pain, but the sense of pride you get when you run...that makes everything worth it.

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