October 13, 2011
By HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
HolesInTheHeart GOLD, Centerville, Iowa
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An empty doorway opens
Black and chasmous
Sucking out the light like a thirsty cyclone;
Sucking me in with it

Something has happened to my name
Someone has spoken it
Though I am long dead
I step through the portal to search for answers

We call to hear your voice
Wonder why you speak our names
Invisibly bask in the radiance
Of remembrance

But she is the exception to the rule I've made
I see her, strange and small
Huddling in the dark corner
Painful scratching sounds echoing from her delicate hand

Etching words in stone
With a gleaming switchblade
The child carves my name, whispers it, and mutilates
The image on the wall; I watch in horror

She pushes words from her pen
My name born at the tip of a gleaming dagger
Who is this girl who wants to kill my image?
My spirit glides back, terrified, but she hears and silently turns

One eye shut, she searches truth
Pupils gleaming, the demon spots my cowering soul
Ragged scales and razor teeth replace the human child
A screeching, chaotic sound reverberates off the concrete walls

Silent, my jaws working, I knew
This devil had lured my specter here
To devour my lonely existence
Dangling my name out like squirming bait

All roads end in the same place
In death and forgotten purposes
The demon's needle-like finger pierces my cold heart,
My translucent body freezes, everything goes black...

And then, even the echoes stopped

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