Forgotten Daughter

October 13, 2011
By Megan McKinney BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Megan McKinney BRONZE, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
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Forgotten daughter
Shoved into the corner
Unsure of when life fell apart.
Of how her mother’s voice,
Once as smooth as molasses
And as warm as fresh baked bread
Became concrete on a cold winter’s day
Nothing but ice.
She would say, “I love you, no matter what”
Yet, it was all a lie
As she began sinking into the ocean of depression
I tried helping her, tried pulling her back to the shore
But she took me down with her
I was enveloped by the sadness, the pain
My heart was crying out for it to all end,
Yet it wouldn’t
I was begging for love, for someone to see me
To prove that I was still in existence
Even as a shadow of my former self
Yet, I continued to be
A forgotten daughter

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