October 10, 2011
By Kobalt BRONZE, Sanderson, Florida
Kobalt BRONZE, Sanderson, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
My past is part of me but it doesnt define me or foreshadow my future. Only does my present state of mind make such a decision.

The waters cold
Refreshing, but frigid atlas
A faint whisper rummages through the branches
Calling sweetly my name

But ignore them I do
Fragile petals fall in the autumn sun
My skin falling numb as I settle deeper into the water
Each step bringing me further

I cant remember feeling
I cant remember happiness or bliss
Hate and fear absent
As I descend into the abyss

The water black with the souls of sin
I only know mine will be here in the end
Should anything happen

That I wont go today
I know in the end
This is were I'll lay
And eternally stay

The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by the song 'Immortal' by Evanesence. The words just seemed to come out as the song played.

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