October 10, 2011
By Alexandria Dickerson BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
Alexandria Dickerson BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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Living when I’m in a deep sleep
Memories when I wake that I keep

Seeing days that have pasted
And ones who have yet to come
The falling, the monsters

I hope this is a dream
It happens at night

Not sure what it all means

Waking up mad, sad, or glad
It’s crazy all the dreams I’ve had

Running from the craziness
Hope this all ends when the clock hits 6

Being in a daze after it all
Some of these night terrors make me ball

Tears coming down my face when I awake
I just survived an earthquake

No it wasn’t real
But that’s how it feels

Not sure how to explain the things I’ve seen
Luckily I don’t have to because it was all a bad dream.

The author's comments:
the dreams i have

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