A German Girl

October 10, 2011
By LuisaS. BRONZE, Hamburg, Other
LuisaS. BRONZE, Hamburg, Other
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I was born
In the warmest july.
I like it warm
And that is why
I was not born
When my mom
Wanted me to be.

I am a girl
So it took me two days,
To do my makeup first.
I am a girl,
But I still don’t get why
Girls are pink
And boys are blue.
I like both colors.
I also grew up,
As a daughter of both.
Not as daddy’s girl,
Not as mommy’s girl.

I learned early
How to fight.
For myself,
Against my mother.
But I also learned
How to love!
To love and laugh.
Because I am lucky.

When I lost my first tooth,
I got my first bike.
It was pink, not blue,
Because I’m a girl.

I’ve never had a car,
But more than one bike.
That’s good.
For me,
My body,
Even the environment.
I like flowers,
I like trees,
So I’m a girl scout.
A German girl scout.
I am German,
German, German, German.
Always German.
That’s boring.
So I am a girl scout,
To have difference in my life.
I like challenges,
And I like changes.
My parents got divorced,
That’s a big change.

I don’t like changes.
‘cause this one was hard.

But I have friends,
Good friends,
Who support me with everything.
My friends wanted to be exchange students.
At first,
I didn’t wanted to do that, too.
But now I am here.
Instead of them.

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