October 10, 2011
By Anonymous

Diamond your always there when I get home waiting for me at the top of my steps just waiting like your waiting for a huge doggy bone,
When you come racing down those steps to kiss me and great me after school,
You always put a smile on my face when you jump up to huge me,
I love to scratch your fur and rub your white belly,
I like the way you put on your puppy dog face on when you’re trying to beg me out of my food.

Diamond I wish I can take you to school for show and tell, and let everyone rub your pretty red and white fur,
Then I want to show other people how nice you are cause, every time I tell someone that I have a pit-bull named diamond they always say oh! No! And walk way.

Diamond I remember when I first saw you and all your beautiful brothers and sisters and I knew from then on you where the one for me, Diamond you make me so sad and mad sometimes but your still my baby,
Down to your nicknames De die, Muppet, puppet, and baby I love my dog named diamond

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