October 9, 2011
By Rea_124 PLATINUM, New Berlin, Wisconsin
Rea_124 PLATINUM, New Berlin, Wisconsin
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There is a line between having the humilty to ask for help and being dependent on others.

Who are you? When did you get here??I can't recall ever opening the door and or ever letting in you.?So then who, who let you in? Someone must have.?You've made up a bed and room of your own.?This isn't a mere visit; no, it seems you're here to stay.?I still don't know who you are, this stranger taking residence in my home.?You're everywhere I go. With me in everything i do.?Are you me? Or am I you??Us being one is the only explanation.?Why else would we be so inseparable??In all this confusion I've lost which one I am.?Which voice is mine and which, yours??I can't yet kick you out because I don't know who you are.?For all I know kicking you out could leave you here?And me outside in the cold.?So for now what's there to do but to continue on this life with you??Maybe down the road we will part ways and find who we really are.?But for now we exist as one.?As friends and as enemies.?As soul mates and as foes.

The author's comments:
this is the story of me and my eating disorder

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