You'll Never Show

October 8, 2011
By A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
A.M.Wilson DIAMOND, Midland, Texas
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You can't choose who you love but you can love who you choose.

When you said your byes I thought it silly
When you didn't tell me bye I said "really?"
The sudden things that rearrange,
everyones thoughts or shames.
Embarassment is not innocent,
when the cause of it was you.
Now, I got to say that I am through
I can't choose to do
What I want to do,
because you tore me down
Now all I see is dark colors pinning me on the ground
It is so cold,
but i can't tell
I'm so alone I'm in a shell
Am I Breathing?
Are you seeing a reaction to being?
You left me speachless
and I blushed though,
my little world was crushed.
To bring the end
To start it all
Was I the one who had to fall?
But your true feelings I don't know.
Your true feelings you'll never show.

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