Why Mother?

October 8, 2011
By Anonymous

Oh mother, why did you take your life?
What made you go and buy that gun?
You were a daughter, a mother and a wife.
How could you simply give up and say you're done?
What were the last thoughts that ran through your head?
Did you even care how your choice would affect me?
I guess you didn't or you wouldn't be dead.
If you're looking down from heaven,what do you see?
Have you realized what you did to your family?
When you pulled the trigger, the bullet hit everybody.
You weren't the only one left with a hole in their chest.
And from my wound, pain pours, soaking the floors.
I've tried to patch it. I've tried my very best.
But time won't heal the pain you gave me.
I try to forget but your memory gets bigger and bigger.
I'm dying inside and you're not around to save me...
because you killed both of us when you pulled that trigger.

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