Never Give Up

October 8, 2011
~I'm never giving up in life, because as long as I'm still breathing, I'm still able to fight.I'm losing my mind,wanting to change,wanting my life to rearrange.I'm hanging onto these strands of hope,hoping that these strands will help me be able to cope.My life breaking unsteadily,people coming and going,only melodies that seem deadly.I'm racing for perfection,can't seem to find it;only foggy views of evil and deception.Maybe we're all made to be perfectly imperfect,with flaws to embrace, but is this life really worth it?I'm screaming for someone to hear me,my soul crying; but no one seems to be near me.I'm reaching out, hoping for a hand to help,looking desperately for some new route. Am I going insane,have I lost myself;can I ever escape this pain?I tell myself I'm alright,I'm still breathing;must mean I'm still able to fight.~

~Original piece. <3

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