Another Day's Insane Ramblings

October 10, 2011
I was the baby the doctors said
wouldn’t make it.
My father learned early on
that I was
never spoke.
I cannot remember why
I hit my sister in the head
with a toy tractor,
I’m sure she deserved it
thinking back, I can remember
me and my sister
and all our friends
playing at the park,
a game,
it was called volcano man
or something like that, I don’t know.
all I know for sure is that
I was the bad guy,
and sometimes I think I
still am.
Sometimes still I think about her,
that dark haired girl who used to be my sister
before she ran off
with the first smooth-talker
with a pair of wheels
and a criminal record.
Good riddance I say,
in the end it was all for the best.
I remember the day
we packed up and left
my mother,
they say divorce is like he**
especially for the kids,
it wasn’t for me.
All in all,
I’m glad we left.
So yeah.
I know,
I’m different,
I dress weird,
Invader Zim for the win.
I’ve read too many fanfics,
stayed up all night music blasting in my ears
Eminem and Seether, Hollywood Undead,
whatever fits the mood.
I’m glad to say my readings
have changed my life
for the better,
I have a short, green alien
and a scary little goth girl to thank
for knocking the habit
of smoking.
But I’m scared about what’s to come.
I’m scared for the future,
scared for the world has given up
on life,
on caring,
I’m scared of how we sit here in the present,
thinking that everything’s in stone,
but its not!
I can contest
to you
my people
the future is not set in stone!
So let this be a message to you
my people,
break down
the walls of society
break free
from the chains that have
held you on the path to perfection.
Be different, like me,
like we all secretly
yearn to be.
So yeah,
I’m disappointed
or not,
guess you really can see me for who
I really am?
Guess this whole “autobio” thing worked out?
Sure, I didn’t mean to turn this into a rant
I’m not writing this on my own

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