stalking him

October 10, 2011
By VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
VickyLove92 PLATINUM, Green Bay, Wisconsin
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His every movement


Blink of his brown colored eyes

Breathing heavily

Ah hay ah hay
Across the room
Panicking if he saw me
Looking at him

Butterflies were escaping from my insides

Spreading its wings towards him

Mocha colored fingers

Tightly together in a fist
As I land on his fingertips
His hand gracefully fell out of the tension
In his firm fist
Shaped as my heart
Red pigments on my cheeks
Chuckling as…
It was startling me
Shockley I flew away
Hearing it
Sounds that burst

With his number two pencil

Tapping against his desk

Envying it

Tap tap tap
My time with staring at him
Dreaming about him
Just to speak of him
Just a simple wink
Just an innocent smile
Will do

With initials written on his right arm

Roughly tattooed of his conceited ego

Bold letters

Imprints on my mind

The author's comments:
what inspired me to write this....well i liked a guy and he didn't know that. it was a crush i was so affectinate as you all can tell!!

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