Permanently Insane

October 5, 2011
By Elaina Youngblood SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
Elaina Youngblood SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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Mind moving fast
colors fading
thoughts racing past
my own hell is being created.
Memories are chasing
leaving me running
pain is seeping
as these replays begin.
My soul is ripping,
watch the shards fall.
My heart is shrinking,
bringing me to my knees, i gotta crawl.
I feel like dying,
but i can't.
So I'm screaming, crying.
Now i can't breathe, you can hear me pant.
Will you help me escape?
all this damn pain,
I'm in horrible shape...
I'm starting to feel permanently insane.

The author's comments:
I was in a bad place when I wrote this poem, but writing it made me get through what I was going through easier. When I am down writing helps me get through what I need to get through.

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