A Broken Friendship

October 10, 2011
By KNVandyke BRONZE, Ironstation, North Carolina
KNVandyke BRONZE, Ironstation, North Carolina
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Picture this. Eighth grade, first day of school everyone in the halls talking to friends and of course you have some of the crazy people being loud and silly. I was talking to one of my dear and close friends near our third period class. Her name is Kinsey, a sweet, nice, quite girl, with brown hair to her shoulders, and beautiful blue eyes. Then there’s me. I am Kelly Van Dyke. Do not be afraid I am not one of the crazy people of the school. I am loud though. Very loud at times and once I start talking I don’t stop, which gets me in trouble quite often!
Kinsey and I were talking about the usual things that we talk about until the bell rang for third period. I decided to sit next to her until the teacher told us were to sit. And once again we started a conversation until I noticed a new girl. Kinsey and I went over to her to say hey and to now her name. Her name was Katie. Katie seemed nice and kind. She had long, long, dirty blonde hair about half way down her back. She told us that she was from North Lincoln and one of her closest friends, named Heather, went to East Lincoln and that was the only person that she new. I told her that we would be her friends and so we all agreed on our friendship.
School goes on as normal and most of the time Heather and Katie are hanging together and Kinsey and I are doing the same. I guess you could say mine, Katie’s and Kinsey’s friendship wasn’t a real friendship. One day I noticed that Katie looked cheerless. I don’t like seeing people gloomy because it ruins the day for me and them. So I thought about weather I should or shouldn’t confront her of her problems. I soon decided to ask her why she looked so gloomy. Her best friend Heather was moving and going back to North Lincoln. I felt sad for her. I truly did. A week zipped bye fast after Heather left. Kinsey and I tried to make Katie happier then ever. Most days it would work.
My birthday was coming soon and I could invite up to two people to my dads house, he lives in Winston Salem. I invited Kinsey, of course, and a girl named Brianna. Brianna is ok, she is not someone I hang out with anymore but she is very pretty. She had green eyes and light brown hair. We weren’t the bests of friends but everyone else had plans. I didn’t know Katie all that well yet so I wasn’t about to invite her to my dad’s house yet.
“Who’s all going to your birthday party?” Katie asked from behind m one day.
“I think Kinsey and Brianna is going to come, but that’s it” I said to reply to her question. I started to wonder why this question was brought up so randomly, but quickly ignored my thoughts.
“Oh” Katie said in a very distressing tone.
I didn’t fully understand why she sounded so sad. Lunch finally came and boy o boy was I starving. I went and sat in my usual seat beside Kinsey and Katie. Kinsey and I had our usual conversations and I would try to include Katie but she was being hateful and seemed cranky so we stopped trying.
Soon my birthday came and it was amazing! I enjoyed it but al good things must come to an end and it was time for school. Monday mornings. Oh how I love them. Everyone seems so tired or cranky, but mostly dead and lifeless. Third period came fast, well the day past bye fast. That day was when everything started. Katie stopped talking to Kinsey and would only talk to me about her. I did not agree with anything she had said.
“Why is Katie mad?” Kinsey asked me.
I told Kinsey what Katie had said about her and Kinsey said it was ok, but she seemed really sad after I have told her. Katie use to make me and Kinsey hate each other and for a hole year we didn’t even talk to each other. Katie would tell me that she was hanging out with Kinsey and tell me about all the things they use to do and how much fun they would have. She would do the same to Kinsey to make her jealous of our time together. This all went on for another few months until Katie stopped talking to Kinsey and would only talk to me. Kinsey had no one, not me, not Katie.
“Kelly!!!” Katie shouted as I got off the bus.
“Katie!!!” I said as a response. “Can you believe were freshman now?” I asked her
“I know it’s crazy!” Katie said.
We continued our conversation until it was time to find our new classes. Notice that I didn’t mention Kinsey. A new year and a new beginning. At the end of first semester Katie told me that she was moving to West Virginia. We or well I tried to stay in contact after she left but she didn’t seem like she needed me or want me to be her friend anymore, which made me feel sad and depressed. I had no one, Kinsey was now home schooled, Katie moved to West Virginia and I had no other people I talked to. I cried for days and days on end because I was alone and schooled was horrible… the worst of all!
I had to make things right between me and Kinsey. I knew what I did was wrong and horrible. Worst than horrible it was a disgrace of my inner self and I was ashamed of it. But luckily she forgave me and we are now close buddies again. Just like old times, I have learned that you should never ever let anybody get in between you and a really close friend. No matter how nice the person is, you can always have more then one good friend So don’t be dumb like I was and always choose your friends wisely.

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it involves a lesson i learned

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