Dear God,

October 10, 2011
By BlackWingAngel SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
BlackWingAngel SILVER, Fort Worth, Texas
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You can not tell,

You may not see,

The World, The People,

Just like me,

Im one of many,

Though you cant tell,

Im with God, At least my outter shell,

Its all wrong,

How you see,

The World, The People,

All, Like Me,

Though they may not show it,

Though may not tell,

Ask what their names are,

Its sure to ring a bell,

Theyll deny all you say,

I hope they do,

The few that may.

Ive seen it all,

Though not well.

Total death,

And crying tears.

Ive helped them all,

At least Ive tried,

Now I ask you,

My God,

The darken Angels,

Who feel astray,

Can you help them find their way?

Its not to much to ask for, I know its not,

For I have given up my spot.

To see the light is all I want,

And to be free.

So God all I ask,

Can you help make things right for them,

And me?

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