Lost treasures

October 10, 2011
We arranged a tryst when the clock stuck 12
He told me the words of the end "I love you, i'll come back for you"
Silent rain began to fall
The sun sank back behind the horizon
He promised to write
His hand gently touched my cheek
Soft lips pressed against my forehead
Slowly he trudged away, unable to look back
I was left in the cold, damp, darkness of night
He never returned to me
and everyday
I look to my left breast and see half of cupids arrow
Holding me captive
As I hold his letters close, cold shadows seep through me
Darkness creeps to me like spiders on the wall
Cobwebs lurks in the corner where his chair has been
Oh how I would love to run on the beach again
The warmth of his hands, of his touch
The shine of his saphire eyes
All extinguished by darkness' vines

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