Kiss,Hugs,and Tears

October 10, 2011
By CHESCO BRONZE, Houston, Texas
CHESCO BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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U didnt whisper in my ear no u whispered to my heart.Not only did u kiss my lips but my soul right from the start.The minute that u left a sickness took over my body.I stop beleiving everything real close to illuminati.But I altered my attitude that altered out my life. I couldnt loose my future since I already lost my wife. I got back up on my feet and put my limits in the sky. People asked me if I could reached the I dont know was my reply. I found a way to smile and to stop being upset.Nothing improves memmories more than trying to forget.I was doing better my mind was finely clear then I relapse nowhere u decide to reappear.U brought life to all my nightmares illustrated all my fears. That loves start with a hug, grows with kisses ends with tears. I gave you everything I had I gave you good love and protection.U know that ur in love when a persons flaws look like perfection. Cant beleive u actually told me that u loved and didnt mean it. Cant beleive I was naive and dum to actually beleive it. I see once again and dont have words because Im scared. A broken heart will always heal but never be repaired.Cant let go of people that u keep thinking about. Its me againts persuation and most likely Ill loose the bout. They say that no ones perfect but that everyone is great. u were already great became perfect what a trait. To learn means that u failed to fail means that u learned. Our love was just like he** and he** means that it burns. Still with all of that we facing off after the years. Fate is not quite as strange as it appears. Sometimes we have to die ourselves to live for someone else. But with all the sacrificing u forget how to excell. God is a tought who makes the crooked all that straight. He has justification of our love that turn to hate.Who knows when Ill get over u tomorrow or maybe never. But even though I love you say goodbye and leave forever.

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