They're What Makes Me, Me

October 9, 2011
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I am the stability of my home,

The sturdy beams that hold it up

Against awful winter winds.

I am the cozy, crackling fireplace

And the laughter that rings down the halls.

I am the sizzling of ribs on a barbeque,

The sauce smeared all on my lips,

And the dough that’s better than the cookies.

I am the glasses that are raised up high,

Being clinked together merrily by family hands.

I am (yes) the terrible dancing

That’s better than being good,

The joy, the being a part of friends.

I am the smiles, the hugs, the giggles,

The relationships honestly designed by fate.

I am the pool, either of hopes or of water,

My hands slicing through the crystal liquid,

The people surrounding me through the haze.

I am the pride, the cheering, the loss, the sorrow,

The rewards that make me keep on moving.

I am the friends who complete my universe,

My family who’s shaped my whole being,

The people I would be lifeless without,

The weights that keep me from drifting away.

I am the people I love, the people who love me.

They’re what makes me, me.

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