The Storm

October 9, 2011
By shygirlie BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
shygirlie BRONZE, Birmingham, Alabama
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Caught alone on a moonless night
I stood afraid of the clouds in sight,
And when the heavens opened up their door,
I felt the fear grow even more.
Then lightning flashed and thunder roared,
And in that tempest my emotions soared,
For in that moment even I knew
That all they said of death was true.
Against this judgment I cannot win
Redemption from my ungodly sin.
Yet in that anguish there arose a new light
Giving me strength and the will to fight.
In my past life I was nothing more
Than a dove caught in the midst of war.
My sins had painted my feathers black
But the rain had come and turned them back.
When morning came, the storm had gone
And I began a future as sure as the dawn.

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