Love at Once

October 9, 2011
By Anonymous

We were introduced
Then all of a sudden
I was falling for you
One day we were chilling
If only you knew
How I was feeling
One thing led to another
The next thing you know
We were kissing each other
Why didn't I stop myself?
It was tempting
We were all by ourselves
Your friend swore to me
That you were different and I believed him
As I continued falling for you
I started to want more
I didn't stop and think
About the consequences before
Then I overheard you on the phone
Saying that I was something being shared
Man, why was I blind?
You never even cared
Now I'm left angry and mad
Not worried about
being heartbroken or sad
I've been hurt by too many
Guys long before you
This time I wasn't going to
Be the dumb blind fool
It's all over now and
I don't wish to see your face again
Hope you had fun because
It’ll come back to you in the end

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