October 9, 2011
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Home is a place where you belong.
It is where you feel safe.
Home is where you are loved unconditionally…
Oh really?
Because I thought home was just a word saying where you stay primarily and temporally.
Is that word a joke?
I’m sorry, Joke is the wrong word.
Because when you think about the kids who are beaten by
cruel words and hard objects,
In their so called
Laughter is the last thing on my mind.
What about the kids who at night when other kids are frightened by fictional monsters under the bad and in the closets.
They fear the “real” monsters,
the ones who slip in their rooms and take a bit of their spirit.
That word only tells one side of a story,
It does not tell the story of a kid, whose “home” a place that’s suppose to be filled with love is filled with the exact opposite
Slowly breaking down the child…
But home-
Is a place where you belong
Where you feel safe
And where you are loved
Yea right,
Tell that to the million of kids who are abused every day.

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SmartChic said...
Jan. 31, 2012 at 12:27 pm
Hey can someone crtique me please...=)
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