All the Same

October 9, 2011
By clm20 BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
clm20 BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"You don't need anybody to tell you who you are, or what you are, you are what you are!" John Lennon

All the world is full with thoughts
All I hear are voices, talking at me
All I want is to be different, but now everyone wants to be that too
So it’s all the same, camouflaged unwillingly in crowds

My headphones drown out all the sounds but those I choose
Some control in a sea of an uncontrolled destiny
Lyrics soothe frightening feelings they all say are just “the teenage blues”
I know it’s stronger than that, just because everyone else feels it too, we’re all the same?

“High school sucks,” yeah we all say it
But it’s not the school, it’s us we fear
Fear of love, fear of rejection
But most of all, fear of life and who I could be
Or who I might not be, same as the average no one

Just go through the motions, four years are gone in a wink
But my heart screams no, it wants me to live
And I want it too, with a passion unbearable but it’s still not enough
To break out of the quick sand, impossibly strong
Strengthened even by myself, my friends, and things I thought I loved

Everyone’s life is all the same because I can’t understand
What makes life different from one kid to the next

Each body ends up as Earth no matter how rich, how smart, or how pretty
So who cares about money, grades, or beauty?
I think I figured out what doesn’t make it all the same
Do what you love, not sometimes, but every second of every minute
And maybe, they won’t be all the same

The author's comments:
Time is a scary concept to me, so the only way I can even begin to grasp it is by writing and relating to it.

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