I Refuse

September 26, 2011
By Emmy-Grl BRONZE, Long Beach, California
Emmy-Grl BRONZE, Long Beach, California
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As she sits
withering away,
that lady stares
as i walk by.
And she speaks.
"I used to walk
I used to play".
She glances down
At her fading hands.
She hesitates
"That was
in another day".
And I can see it.
I see it in her eyes
with their haunted look.
I see it in her legs
the way they rest
tilted towards each other
resting for an eternity.
She looks up at me again
and she smiles
a bitter smile.
"You see it too.
Everyone sees it.
I'm done.
I refuse, though.
I refuse to go."
She grimaced
And that was it.
I still walk by
And stare at the wheelchair
She had refused
her hands grew too faded
they faded into nothing.
Her eyes grew too haunted
they closed altogether.
And her knees tilted
too far in.

And she was Gone.

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