The life of an icecube

September 26, 2011
By raven77 PLATINUM, Clovis, California
raven77 PLATINUM, Clovis, California
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Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existance, letting te reighns go to the unfolding is faith. - System of a down from the song "Science"

One body, togetherness, I am just one part of a whole.
I am separated from my body and sent into isolation.
I can feel my body around me, but I am no longer a part of it.
It is torture.
Still in my solitude and torment I am banished to a freezing wasteland.
Slowly, I lose all sanity as I can no longer even feel my body around me.
I have never felt so alone.
Hollow, I am nothing but a shell.
When I think I can take it no longer I am pulled from this frozen wasteland and removed from my chamber of isolation and again reunited with the rest of my body, but I cannot feel it.
Everything around me is dead.
Slowly something trickles over me and I feel life begin to return, and my body begins to awaken.
Ten, I am crushed by something that crunches my entire being and I cease to be.
But sadly, this was just another day in the life of an ice cube.

The author's comments:
Ever contemplated the life of inanimate objects? What if the simplest things were sentient?

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