A cupcake... Please?

September 26, 2011
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another hit is another idea swimming through my mind,
another cupcake sprinkled with time,
these days are so slow,
these nights are so cold,
you're hiding behind the words written in bold,
and these words could mean nothing to you,
but to me every letter is nothing but the truth,
scratching to be free,
but never making it to the middle of the sea,
just floating on shallow tides,
and taking back all your lies,
you never had a second for me to show you how much I care,
and as I think about it now,
your heart was never fair,
you kept me hidden from your life,
nothing I ever did was right,
and you were never around,
to help me keep my head out of the clouds,
but I'm starting to like it here,
these words just keep flowing,
my mind is thinking for itself without knowing,

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