October 11, 2011
By gabsgarcia PLATINUM, Hillsborough, New Jersey
gabsgarcia PLATINUM, Hillsborough, New Jersey
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Be true to yourself

Small round containers lie over the long narrow counter.
While thin narrow tubes uncapped roll around trying to find a way to stop.
A bottle of moisturizer sits sideways with a squeeze mark imbedded in the middle.
A small but fatter tube has black spilling out along its edges.
Finally a face appears in an oval shaped mirror.
The face is a girl who is slowly but carefully swishing a make-up brush back and forth along her eye-lid.
Blue crystals are descending from the tips of the brush and making her eye-lids creating a whole new color.
The girl ever so carefully removes access make-up from parts where are not needed.
The girl finally adds the finishing touches to her face and steps back from the mirror.
She thinks of herself as beautiful once she was finished.
It has transformed her into a whole new person and a new way to think of her.
As she walks away from the mirror and shuts off the lights she wishes the rest of the world will see that she is as beautiful as she thinks she is.

The author's comments:
I felt like writing about this

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