A new Parents Expectations

October 11, 2011
Not good enough?
the constant dark cloud of doubt
ever so elegantly
over your
Your Grandfather went there and now he’s a Senator
Your Father went there and now he’s a businessman
Your Uncle went there and now he’s a doctor
You’ll go their and you’ll be a doctor
The grades?
that doesn’t really matter
as long as you’re learning something
as long as you don’t fail
as long as they’re all A’s
you’ll make them
The grandchildren?
have as many children as you want
but I only want five grandchildren
So don’t have too many
I don’t care about what college you go to as long as you’re happy
and successful
and smart
and wealthy
and a proud alum of Harvard
Not good enough?
you’ll be good enough
because I love you
because you need to be good enough
and because I love you
because if you’re not you’ll let me down
and your grandfather
and your father
and your uncle
welcome to the world
I already have hopes and dreams for you

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FangPoet said...
Oct. 13, 2011 at 5:38 pm
I liked the Message. 
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