I a Drifterz

October 4, 2011
By Yupheng BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Yupheng BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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I am from a sport car dealership,
Red Honda civic hatchback with bright HID lights,
Sweet looking, but mean on the inside.

Smell good when you sit in,
Can sense those looks with joys on people’s faces when I drive by,
Feeling so good that I will rev loud and proud just to show them I’m tough,
Can hear people talking and wonders if it’s about me;
Just put a smile on while going by.

Get me mad and you’ll hear my aftermarket exhaust loud,
Don’t be afraid when I come by with my crew.

I’m turbo charged with the purpose to pick up speed when I go also fast and beat those super chargers,
So quick you’ll hear my intercooler suck in air for my turbo so I can run in high-speed. When I shift gears you’ll be petrified while hearing my motor pumping with a K20 engine, from Acura RSX type s engine, motor swap in a Honda civic hatchback.

Fast can hang with the big dogs,
Turning quick, cutting in swiftly,
Seeing me passing you left and right,
Pushing myself to the redline,
Drift on the turns plus you’ll see and smell the smoke I leave behind from my tire burns.

Hearing those turbo chargers going at it, sounds just like a war going on,
People shoving each other, hearing those kicks go off when the ball has been kicked from afar.

People sitting at the side line cheering for me.
I won’t let anyone or anything pass me if I’m standing on the field,
I’ll use all my fuel if I have to, even crash myself into them and still be standing and fighting,
Won’t quit until the time runs out, but I won’t disappoint my team.
We do what we can do to be the best, beat everyone and play hard, this is how we do it “We’re The Drifterz.”

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