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October 4, 2011
By DaniGirl92 BRONZE, Iola, Kansas
DaniGirl92 BRONZE, Iola, Kansas
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"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Forest Gump

An article posted
Dont know when.
It had been titled
All I Need Is A Friend

I understand completely
How hard it is to fit in
Back in grade school
Out of high school
All I needed was a friend

My clothes were ugly
People called me fat
I actually started to believe it
And I went with that

My names and tortures never stopped
Till one day I found my friend
Even then the bullying never stopped
But now I take it like a grain of salt

A nice little come back
Here and there
I stood up for myself and look at me now
I understand
All it takes is a friend.

You talk to people
Here and there
You need a friend
And a breath of fresh air.

I understand
And I know how it feels
If you want me to
I'll be your friend

The author's comments:
well the first article I read was called "All I Need Is a Friend" and that brought me to write this poem in reply, because I understand how it feels to be like that. The only friends that I had in grade school all through high school was adult friends, but I had one person my age that really knew how I felt. If the person who wrote "All I Need Is A Friend" reads this. I mean every word of that poem.

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