Overtaking anger

October 3, 2011
By Anonymous

Whenever I get mad I don't know what to do
Their too much held inside just waiting to break through
I have too many issues and they all come rushing back
So When ones brought to my attention I cant help but attack 

Your the one I'm mad at its been you all along 
How can u be so stupid to think that I'm whose wrong 
You don't understand why I'm mad and I know you never will
Because you can't solve this problem with higher  bill

But even though I know all this, something still propels me back
There's nothing I can do it's just another trap 
I fall for them every time just like all your lies
And every time I bite my tongue something in me dies 

I can't take this any longer theres too much held inside 
I have too many issues and have heard too many lies 
So what can I do but keep quiet and agree
I am always wrong in your eyes, that's the way it's meant to be

The author's comments:
My parents understanding of me

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