The Shadow of Me

October 3, 2011
By kait94 BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
kait94 BRONZE, Newport, North Carolina
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No one wants a picture of me.
No one wants to love me.
I look at the people around me,
green with envy.
They have people who care .
I do not
I am like a fly,
a nuisance.
One who does not last long.

I bring pain to the ones in my world.
Its best i move on .
I'm creature of the night.
I move in shadows ;
staying in other peoples light.
Love is a mystery to me.

I don't know how it feels to love.
I growl in emotional hunger.
I am a person.
I think like a person.
But, maybe I'm not a person
I do inhuman things.

I think sometI'mes what my life would
be if I were normal.
I have big dreams.
So big,
It scares people .
It would be better if i didn't dream at all.
But I cant stop.
it keeps me alive.
My dreams are equivalent to your heart beating.

It is late, I must go.
Goodbye for now.
The world is to be rid of me
My dreams are to complicated,my heart is to pure
for the world .
They don't understand.

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