The Face in the Clouds

October 3, 2011
By KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
KitKat94 GOLD, Anchorage, Alaska
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"The power of words is not in how they work, what they mean, or even how they are put together. It is in their unique ability to communicate and to create a lasting impression through which they make a real impression."

When I think of you I think of the sky
The sky so blue and clear.

Everything you say and do
Is like a whispering in my ear.

Who are you kind stranger?
So careful to heed my call.

I've got a forgotten dream,
Too secret to recall.

How do I know you?
I've seen you somewhere.

When I think of you,
I think of the sky.

The sky that is everywhere.

The author's comments:
The world is so large. It is almost surreal to look up in the sky and know there is so much more out there. Like there is always someone watching over your shoulder. Someone kind, just waiting for you to make your world debut.

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