Daddy's Girl

October 3, 2011
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Don't you miss being daddy's little girl?
holding his hand in public not a worry in the world.
Now there's so many things he worries about your all grown up and gone.
His worst enemie is that guy who broke your heart.
Daddy never wanted to see you go but he knew it was time... as he walks you down the isle a tear starts to cry, he wipes it very quickly so he thinks you don't see, deep down he's so proud because his angel is finally all grown.
He's always wanted you to be happy he just wanted a little more time alone and no matter what happened you've always been his girl.
The piggy back rides, being on his shoulder so high, the first time you started to drive, those are times he will cherish even though y'all may fight.
All the money he spent on you he never really cared, all the times you took him for granted don't even matter anymore, because no matter what your always going to be daddy's favorite girl.
There were times when you thought he hated you, and there was that time you saw him cry the month of July...
You never really noticed how sick he got till you saw him just so white..
everyone told you he was going to be okay but you still cried everyday because that was your daddy and you just found out he had cancer..
daddy was always so strong he kept his head so tall without a worry in the world he fought the cancer ad within a year it was gone...
daddy's are heroes who love there baby girls I'm just so thankful for having you in my world..
because no matter what I'm always going to be daddy's little girl <3

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Angie123 said...
Oct. 19, 2011 at 9:57 pm
love it .. can u plz read mine :)
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