Broken Love

October 6, 2011
By Rhiannonbloss PLATINUM, Aptos, California
Rhiannonbloss PLATINUM, Aptos, California
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What is depression really? Is there one concrete definition, or has the meaning loosened as our generation has continued it's downhill descent? To me, depression is simply my life. I'm not suicidal. I'm not a cutter. I don't hate the world. I don't dress completely in black. I'm just sad. I've been sad for what feels like my entire life, but that's not true. I was happy once and I can vaguely remember what it felt like, but I can't touch it. I can't get that happiness back, I don't know how. That's what depression is to me, knowing what happiness is, but never being able to touch it, to feel it.- Jenny Leigh

You followed me to this place,

This place so dark and cold,

Your loyalty was another stab to my breaking heart,

As the full moon shone on us,

You apologized for what was never said and done,

While I felt the flame of life burning away,

My glass emotions shattering,

I watched you take the final blow for me,

As you stabbed the silver blade deep,

And as your life slipped away,

I said I never wanted this,

I never wanted a tragedy,

But these chains of fate pulled on me,

Pulled me to the edge,

As your crimson life force burned away,

So did my soul,

And only the night can see as I do,

Be so blind and look past what is in front of me.

Only the winds can hear as I do,

Swiftly breezing, and cold,

Only death can feel as I do,

Lacking sight and thought,

My heart so frosted over it no longer beats,

My soul so twisted and dark,

I walk to the edge, the whisper of your final breath the last crack,

I shatter into nothingness,

The abyss with no feeling,

No life, no death,

I become everything, while nothing,

The moon and the stars and sky,

The sun and sea and land,

The wind and rain,

I've come back to the beginning,

After the saddest ending,

For nothing lasts forever,

Except the love we feel inside,

It lives on until the time when there will be no more light,

When the sky will burn,

The sun will turn to embers,

The seas will turn to magma,

And then, like all things,

My love for you shall die,

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