Silence Speaks Everything

September 28, 2011
My mind;
a bowl that holds
When the pressure
overrides the space,
the anxiety pours out
across my face.
Curious crows circle around me,
pestering mice pickin' at my feet.
Is this a race?
Who's gonna see
the charade,
this masquerade
I neglect to conquer.
I've been caught
red handed, running
for the sake
Of Myself,
for the sake
Of Cowering.

The battered bridge
resting above the stream;
veiled to the shallow eye
is more than it seems.
Built from the hands
Of Truth through Tragedy,
it could set us free.

All those words
and drip
and hit.

I can hear it now.
I can hear
the silence scream.
I let Nature's valiant arms
Embrace, Enclose, Enfold
this is what I need.
Her Beauty,
Her Strength,
Her Story
has taught me.
Now I will not run
for the sake
Of myself,
but live for the sake
Of Living.

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