Why, Kaylee?

October 9, 2011
She walks as if being chased
She cut her bangs to hide her face
Under the laughter lies the pain
Like the sunshine hides the rain
She paces her floors
With weathered down shoes
She closes the doors
On the people who knew
She resists the urge to scream out
That she's still here
No one seems to hear her
They will see no tears
The way she feels will go unseen
The smile being the mask
Of an unscathed eternity
She wants everyone around her
So she won't be alone
So she doesn't have to fear
What is unknown
The only things that save her
Are drifting slowly away
And she tries with everything
To make them stay
She'd give anything
Just to feel him breathe
So that she'd know
That she'd still hear
His heart beat
She loses touch with her family
And loses touch with her faith
Because behind her tired eyes
Lies a hidden rage
She hopes for a better tomorrow
While she struggles through today
Knowing the only thing
That will help her
Is the three words he'll say

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penelopeleavesbehind said...
Jan. 14, 2012 at 2:55 pm
Depression hurts, you really captured that. Never give up hope.
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