Long Lost Friend

October 8, 2011
By jesusfreak23 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
jesusfreak23 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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The stretch of time lengthens,
and gapes; an endless abyss,
swallowing memories never made,
devouring precious bonds never born,
before this trench materialized in my soul,
I knew you,
Yes, I knew you once,
best friends forever, we were,
we were different,
different from each other,
different from everyone else,
but that is why we were the same,
we were real,
then- you tricked me,
you tricked me into loving you,
you tricked me into discovering,
my first true friend,
my first sister,
I wish I could say,
it was your fault,
but I can't,
but sometimes I do,
but not really,

You moved,
you moved away,
not far,
but far enough,
we promised,
you and I,
we promised to never forget,
we promised nothing would change,
we lied.
at first,
you called,
I called,
we talked,
we managed,
but then came life,
then, we grew,
we were whisked away,
into the everyday buzz,
the everyday bustle,
the everyday struggle for survival,
the phone remained reticent,
time passed, new seasons came,
a few sporadic calls lifted my spirits,
not only that, but I saw you,
I actually saw you,
once or twice,
we hung out,
like things were the same,
of course, things weren't,
we knew that.
then, like a cycle,
things were dormant again,
between you and me,
me and you,
it's funny,
how life is much like a prison,
the bars so simple, thin,
yet they confine you
and you can do nothing,
nothing but stare
and watch time drip;
a leaky faucet, you cannot fix,
this life,
this demanding thing called life,
kept me from you,
you live but half an hour's drive,
from me,
yet I have not seen you,
in a year.
we speak,
though it is occasional,
I lock each minute in my heart,
to make sure it counts,

The worst part is,
no matter how hard I try,
I cannot stop thinking about you,
I cannot forget you,
I cannot stop loving you,
Even though I know,
you may not be the same person you were,
in the fifth grade,
I cannot stop loving you,
I cannot stand it,
To love something I cannot have,
I pretend to have you,
but I know I don't.

You may have other friends,
So do I.
But I have one best friend,
only one,
I am already taken,
and so are you,
and don't you forget it.
But, I shouldn't worry.
I have a feeling in my heart,
you will not forget,
as I will never.
the feelings are the same,
I know,
because we are different,
but we are really the same,

The cycle will continue,
or not.
you might come back,
I doubt it,
but it is easy to doubt
and harder to hope
so I will do the hard part,
because I know you,
You work hard enough, so
I will hope.

It is possible I do not know who you are,
It is possible you have changed,
But I think I know you
I know I know you.
I know I love you.
I miss you Cheyenne.

The author's comments:
This is out to my forever best friend Cheyenne.

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