The Question of the Day

October 8, 2011
By ElizabethClarke BRONZE, Thornhill, Other
ElizabethClarke BRONZE, Thornhill, Other
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The Rest of Your Life
They always ask of me,
“Which university will it be?”

Of course they mean well
Just need something to say.
If you’re in grade twelve
It’s the question of the day.

But how can I answer,
With easy, nonchalance?

It’s a very good question,
I ponder it too.
I just wish I knew
The right one
To choose.

They don’t want to know
What I’ll do with my summer,
And if they did,
“It’s too far away…”
I might mutter.

So how can I know what
I should do
For the next four, long years
Which seem to determine
All the years which come after?

For it’s not just a matter of
Where I should go
But of
What I should do
When I arrive.
Whatever it is
I hope I survive.

Once I know,
I’ll have to apply!
Fill out forms
Take hard tests
Oh, the stress!

And at the same
Time, keep up with my
Homework, these grades are
Important, they finally seem to
Have some worth.

So next time they ask me,
Which one it’ll be,
I’d just like to SCREAM!

“I don’t really know yet,
How about you?
What are you doing
With the rest of your life?”

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