never look back

October 8, 2011
memories fade new pages to paint i think and sink in thought these dreams i caught my self in the moment so i paused. looked in the nearest mirror and i notice so i focus and take a deep breath cause this person in the mirror is new but the old me didnt leave yet i have a new face skin tone and voice but im the same and this place its almost a island but i capture every detail that i can. how to get back to where i use to be or do i want to cause im in love with the new me. the person i once new is old news i like this guy more maybe its better so i wont look back to those nightmares i like dreams much better but these that i have seem broken. i must have just smoked cause im choken wheres the mirror cause these eyes arent poten i cant see a slite blur appears to have me blind i left my eyes behind i wish i had a portal to go back in time or is it that this high just took a toll on my mind i cant think so why not stay and enoy all thats been givin to me or was this life bought maybe borrowed yeah i look foward to tommorow never look back brokendreams is my sins and soul i breath sorrow.

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